GardenSoxx in Agriculture and the Grow Ex Green Tunnel System

In today’s highly competitive agriculture markets, growers are looking to find products and systems that will give them a competitive advantage.  Container growing, long used in Europe is now becoming more popular here in North America, especially in high tunnel and greenhouse settings.  Portable container growing systems are in demand and Filtrexx GardenSoxx lead the way with superior products and installation options customized to suit our customers.

GardenSoxxs utilize a high quality growing media encased in a fabric mesh, tested for optimum performance for growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  Gardens can be planted anywhere, even on sites with soils not suitable for growing food crops.

Plants grown in GardenSoxx:

– Allow for more plants per acre
– Utilize nutrients more efficiently
– Never water-log and have better root air exposure
– Maintain cooler summertime soil temps
– Are more resistant to disease


– Have low capital investment costs
– Use less planting material than other containment systems
– Utilize a simple modular set up
– Can be efficiently irrigated with water saving drip irrigation systems

These attributes add up to higher yields for your investment.

 Garden Soxx options include:

– Soxx delivered filled to your site.
– Fabric to be filled on site with portable filling equipment rental included click
– Complete Turnkey Growing systems click

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