Filtrexx® Soxx™ Stand Up to Specifications


Filtrexx® products meet all Federal  specifications set forth by:

– Army Corp Filter Socks Technology Draft 06.29.2007

– USDA NRCS Agronomy Technical Note No. 4

– USEPA NPDES Construction Site Stormwater Run Off Control Compost Filter Socks

– AASHTO Filter Berms and Filter Socks:Standard Specifications for Compost for Erosion/Sediment

Federal Approval Book: DOWNLOAD

Using Filtrexx® products is your assurance that the product:

• Avoids the risk of regulatory non compliance

• Eliminates costly re-install and non compliance costs for Contractors

• Saves money for you and your customer over the life of the project

Others try to copy but nobody compares to Filtrexx® in quality, specification and experience


What makes Filtrexx® mesh different? Unlike fence or inferior sock, Filtrexx® lets water through while keeping silt and clay inside the Soxx™. Only Filtrexx® has the independent test data to prove its performance.

What’s so special about Filtrexx® FilterMedia™? Meeting particle size specification. Two thirds of the silt stopping capacity is IN the Soxx™. Only Filtrexx® FilterMedia™ is certified to meet the necessary flow-through rates specified by both the EPA and other regulatory agencys

Either through a Filtrexx® Certified™ Installer or authorized palletized product dealer, you’ll save time and money because our products meet spec.

Two-Thirds of Sediment Storage Capacity is in the Media

Because they don’t allow the free flow of water, imitations’ products simply can’t trap and contain sediment which means they can’t match the design capacity of Filtrexx® products.

The Take Away:

• Filtrexx® 18″ Soxx™ exceeds the performance of super silt fence.

• Filtrexx® 12″ Soxx™ exceeds the performance of “Tube” and 24” silt fence.

• Nothing matches the performance of Filtrexx® 24″ Soxx™.

• Filtrexx® exceeds performance of comparable “Tube” and silt fence by an average of 283%

Filtrexx® is specified for:

• Optimized flow rate

• 90+% filtration of total solids and 50+% TSS

• 98% filtration of hydrocarbons & motor oil–Standard!!


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