Filtrexx Soil Erosion Control Solutions:

Thank you for visiting Filtrexx Northeast Systems, located in Goffstown NH. We are the premium manufacturer of the original and biodegradable patented Filtrexx® compost filter sock in New England. When it comes to sediment, the Filtrexx® brand is the most recognized name worldwide when it comes to sediment filters for soil erosion control applications. Whether it is slope and shoreline stabilization, perimeter control and inlet protection or green living walls, all applications have been thoroughly tested and documented. No other silt sock product line matches the rigid Filtrexx® mesh and filter media guidelines for soil erosion control and sediment filter.


Silt sock and straw wattle sediment filter:

Additionally, Filtrexx Northeast Systems manufactures high quality sediment filter straw wattles and the Filtrexx® all natural cotton BioWattle™. All of our palletized silt sock and straw wattle products are distributed throughout New England using our own fleet of trucks and trailers through contractor supply, water – sewer – drain pipe companies and landscaper supply stores. Just ask for the Filtrexx® brand. We provide overnight job site deliveries throughout New England for our distributors for most of our Filtrexx® silt sock and straw wattle products. Call for details.


Filtrexx Northeast Systems Installation and Support Services:

Having a vast distribution network, we provide support and training to installation contractors. Whether you are a WBE, DBE or MBE, Filtrexx Northeast Systems will show you how lower labor costs per linear foot installed and be more profitable in this competitive soil erosion market. With the strongest polypropylene and cotton meshes in the market, our green/black ribbed and white silt socks can be seen everywhere on construction sites and along roadways. Most are not aware that Filtrexx® silt sock pallets can be installed up to 3 times faster than conventional blower truck installations. That’s installation rates of 700′-1000′ per hour and not having to shoulder the expense and annual maintenance of a $200,000 blower truck.


Other Filtrexx® Palletized Products: GroSoxx®

Filtrexx Support Network

Our Filtrexx® GroSoxx® palletized products come in the 8″ and 12″ size that can be custom made to any length and will accept most seed mixtures. GroSoxx® is a three dimensional tubular device made of GrowingMedia™ encased in Filtrexx Mesh. It is generally used for retaining and non retaining living walls and other stormwater sediment runoff Best Management Practices (BMP’s) to stabilize soil erosion and promote vegetation growth. We have the ability to customize the components of our soxx depending on the requirements established for each development project. Used alone or in combination with other Filtrexx technologies and systems, GroSoxx offers a sustainable alternative to civil and landscape engineers, designers, architects and public work professionals. Whether you have a soil erosion and/or sediment problem, the Filtrexx® GroSoxx® maybe your answer.

Our in-house Certified CPESC is available to provide job site support to contractors installing any Filtrexx specified product application. This service is charged a nominal fee.


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