Filtrexx® Northeast Systems provides support to its customers and Distributors on proper product application and installation.

The following are fee based programs:

Basic Installer Training:
Perimeter Sediment Control
Ditch Checks
Inlet Protection
Sediment Traps
Channel Protection

Certified Installer Training:
Compost Blankets
Green Walls/Living Walls™/MSE Walls
Stream Bank Stabilization
Rip Rap Grouting/Green Gabions
Green Pavers
Post Construction Stormwater Management
And more

Other local training and services includes:
Lunch and Learns (CEU credits available)
Field Review
Design Review
Customer Consultation

Additional training available thru Filtrexx International, Grafton, Ohio

– Certified Design Services
– Educational Webinars
– On-Site Training & Seminars
(for engineers, architects, planners & environmental scientists)
– Filtrexx® Northeast Systems supporting: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

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