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The Simple Solution to Meeting Your Discharge Goals

EnviroSoxx® are SiltSoxx™, also known as compost filter sock, sediment sock or siltation sock with one or more natural additives used to remove invisible pollutants and keep water clean. Use EnviroSoxx silt sock in your existing infrastructure to help you meet your discharge goals. Manufactured at our Goffstown facility, EnviroSoxx is available throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont , Massachusetts, Rhode Island , Connecticut and New York.

Filtrexx EnviroSoxx BactoLoxxhydrocarbons sediment filtration sock

Filtrexx EnviroSoxx MetalLoxx Filtrexx EnviroSoxx NutriLoxx

Use to Treat Industrial & Agricultural Applications:

Sensitive receiving waters


Non-point source pollution.

TMDL §303(d) water bodies

Clean Water Act §404 water bodies

Urban watersheds

 Use EnviroSoxx for any Filtrexx Application for Additional Pollutant Removal

Perimeters • Inlets • Ditches • Filter Cells • Slopes • Channels • Bioswales • Gabions Available

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