Introducing Filtrexx® Trinity™ LivingWall™

Filtrexx® Trinity™ LivingWall™ combines innovative engineering from The Living Wall Company with the proven performance of Tricon wire forms and Filtrexx® Bank Stabilization technology. The Filtrexx® Trinity™ LivingWall™ can be used to stabilize extreme inclines while providing a broad range of design and planting options. The Tricon wire wall system has been used for years in areas where a Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) wall is required. The pre-formed galvanized wire ensures the proper angle on the face of the wall and allows for mechanical connections to reinforcement elements. Filtrexx uses a high-quality Filtrexx® GrowingMedia™ inside a tubular mesh to quickly establish and permanently maintain vegetation, whether established from seeds or plants. Unlike other systems in which soil is backfilled into a containing
structure, the Filtrexx® system enables engineers and contractors to accurately quantify the amount of media needed for the job.

Filtrexx GreenLoxx MSE  Filtrexx Smart Sloping Living Wall  Trinity Wire Wall

Filtrexx® Trinity™ LivingWall™ Advantage:
• Structural integrity of Wire Wall System
• Guaranteed volume, position, and quality of soil
• Design and planting flexibility
• Proven success of Filtrexx® Bank Stabilization
• Accurate and easy placement of engineered Filtrexx® GrowingMedia™
• Long-term plant health

Why Choose a Living Wall

Retaining walls have traditionally been non-living and composed of machine made concrete blocks that only served as a structural grade change. Trends in green building are driving the development and use of new systems capable of returning habitat and green-space to the built environment, along with structural reinforcement. Aesthetic diversity, temperature moderation, green-space and habitat are all achieved with living walls. Why manage grade changes with impervious, heat-accumulating, non-sustainable methods when living walls can accomplish the same task with positive environmental impact.

More opportunity exists to use living walls than most other living architecture–take advantage of it by managing grade changes with Living Retaining Walls rather than traditional solid retaining walls. Much the same as green roofs, rain gardens and bio-swales, living walls minimize stormwater runoff, cool the environment, and provide habitat for native creatures. Living walls also contribute to the LEED points of a project in several categories.



Living Retaining Walls provide the underlying structure needed to permanently stabilize extreme grade changes. Several options are available.


Design Flexibility
Plant based living systems have been shown to benefit buildings, owners, occupants, and the environment.


Environmental Benefits
Living walls minimize stormwater runoff, cool the environment, and provide habitat for native creatures.


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