BIOSOXX™   Biodegradable Sediment Filter

BioSoxx™ is the original all natural cotton biodegradable compost silt sock filled with Filtrexx® FilterMedia™. Studies have shown that the Filtrexx® BioSoxx™ outperforms silt fence, hay bales,  straw wattles and other socks. The bio sock achieves the same performance as the photodegradable multi-filament sock The Bio sock is a three-dimensional tubular soil erosion sediment control and stormwater filtration device typically used as a silt fence replacement for perimeter control, filtration of sediment and soluble pollutants – such as phosphorus and petroleum hydrocarbons.

Soil Erosion Sediment Controls

Filtrexx Perimeter control is a method of soil erosion sediment control Best Management Practices (BMP’s) that acts as a barrier to retain sediment on a construction site. The goal of installing soil erosion sediment control devices is to slow and hold water, filter runoff, and promote the settling of sediment via ponding behind the sediment control device.


• The Bio sock does not have to be trenched or disturb any soil. It does not damage tree roots like silt fence trenching.

• Filtrexx Northeast Systems manufacturers the palletized Bio sock per order and is generally available in 24 hours after order is received.

• Sediment is stopped in its tracks.

• 50% more design capacity and flow through than silt fence.

• Easily removed and minimal disposal costs.

Inlet Protection: The Bio sock is used as a sediment filter will restrict silt and sediment from going into catch basins and be used as a curb sediment containment system.
Check Dams: Use as a check dam device in stormwater ditches, channels, and swales on or near land disturbing activities.

Sediment: It’s all about it

FilterMedia™ is designed to mimic nature. Our use of an aged composted Filtrexx® FiterMedia™ or alternative Filtrexx® FilterMedia™ harnessed inside the tubular mesh provides the principals of containment, sediment filter, retention, detention, energy dissipation and vegetation establishment. Two-thirds of the silt stopping capacity is inside the Bio sock.

Using Filtrexx® products for silt and sediment erosion control is your assurance that the product:

• Only Filtrexx®FilterMedia™ is certified to meet the necessary flow-through rates specified by both the EPA and most state regulators. Our FilterMedia is constantly tested by a third party lab and includes compliance with the State of Massachusetts MassDOT M1.06.0 specifications.

•  ONLY Filtrexx® has the independent test data to prove its performance. Inferior knock off sock manufacturers try to stipulate that their product is equal to Filtrexx meshes but are not.

•  Meets EPA and most state specifications for perimeter sediment control. The Filtrexx® Bio sock is approved in all six New England states.

•  Avoids the risk of regulatory non-compliance

•  Eliminates costly re-install and non-compliance costs for contractors

•  Cost savings over the life of the project.


Size Length Uses
 8″x 160 Continuous Perimeter control, Slopes Buy Now
 8” x 120’ 12 – 10’ pieces Streets & area inlets Buy Now
12” x 100’ Continuous Perimeter control, Slopes Buy Now
12″x 80′  8 – 10′ pieces Check dams Buy Now

Includes hardwood Stakes

Longevity of Biodegradable
Cotton BioSoxx™ Rivals Burlap

Caltrans, California’s Department of Transportation, recently installed BioSoxx™ alongside burlap wrapped compost socks on a project in Monterey County to test the longevity of the two biodegradable products. During the six month experiment, the cotton BioSoxx™ received approximately ten inches of rain. The conclusion was that there is no difference in the longevity of the cotton BioSoxx™ compared with burlap under typical California storm season conditions.

After six months in the field, both the cotton BioSoxx™ and the burlap had begun to deteriorate where they were in contact with the soil. But when cut open, the cotton mesh could still be easily separated from the compost.
Consequently, Caltrans changed their online recommendation to reflect that the cotton BioSoxx™ are comparable to burlap in their longevity. They differ, however, in that cotton BioSoxx™ are made in the USA while burlap is imported. Cotton BioSoxx™ can also be produced in about half the time it takes to fill burlap. Also according to the blower truck operator that installed both products, “the cotton Soxx™ are much easier to install and handle much better.”

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BioSoxx™ is made from 100% cotton fiber, and should readily breakdown in any commercial composting operation within 180 days, thereby meeting standards set forth in ASTM D5338 and ASTM D6400. If left in the field this product will also easily biodegrade in 6 -18 months, leaving little or no residues.

ASTM D5338: test method that establishes rate and extent of biodegradation (carbon transformation to carbon dioxide), using inoculation from commercial compost piles. Standardized parameters are defined in ASTM D6400.

ASTM D6400: specification for reporting and labeling based on ASTM D5338, which includes rate of biodegradation and disintegration within a commercial composting environment, and any deleterious effect on composting process or compost product quality due to inclusion. This standard provides guidelines for the required commercial composting environment, including temperature, air, and humidity controls for a period of 180 days; acceptable metals content limits established at 50% of CFR 503 standards, and phytotoxicity limits.

Since our palletized product line conforms with Filtrexx® FilterMedia™ guidelines an installer does not need to be Filtrexx Certified. Most are not aware that Filtrexx® silt sock pallets can be installed up to 3 times faster than conventional blower truck installations. That’s installation rates of 700′-1000′ per hour and not having to shoulder the expense and annual maintenance of a $200,000 blower truck.

Filtrexx Northeast Systems Palletized Installation and Support Services:

Having a vast distribution network, we provide support and training to installation contractors. Whether you are a WBE, DBE or MBE, Filtrexx Northeast Systems will show you how lower labor costs per linear foot installed and be more profitable in this competitive soil erosion market. With the strongest polypropylene and cotton meshes in the market, our green/black ribbed and white silt socks can be seen everywhere on construction sites and along roadways throughout New England.



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