The Filtrexx BioWattles™ are engineered from a natural biodegradable cotton product that has the necessary flexibility, strength and durability while meeting the flow through rate required by federal specifications. All our straw wattle and Bio wattle products function as erosion control tubes for perimeter sediment control and work with or without silt fence. Their light weight is an alternative sediment filter in hard to reach applications.

Fill material is 100% chopped agricultural weed-free straw weighing approximately 2.0 to 3.2 lbs. per linear foot based on size. Their 20’ & 25’ lengths are easily carried to the installation location.

The Filtrexx® BioWattle™ is manufactured at our Goffstown New Hampshire facility and available from our vast distribution network throughout New England. All our regular straw wattle and BioWattles are installer friendly with two straps wrapped around each coil for ease of handling.

The Filtrexx® BioWattle™ are manufactured to order within 48 hours and delivered to distribution locations or job sites. With our job site trailer service, available at a nominal fee, you can install up to 8,000′ per day / 1,000′ per hour.

Filtrexx® BioWattle™ Advantage:

• Biodegradable Options No removal needed

• Cotton Mesh + Straw

• Lightweight option for lower peak flows

• Lightweight for hard to reach areas



Size Length Uses
 9″ x 300′ 12 – 25′ pieces Perimeter control, Slopes Buy Now
12″ x 200′ 10 – 20′ pieces Street & Area inlets Buy Now


• Our 9″ straw wattles and BioWattles come in 25′ sections with 12 sections per pallet for a total of 300′

• Our 12″ straw wattle and BioWattles come in 20′ sections with 10 sections per pallet for a total of 200′


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