Filtrexx GardenSoxxs are an organic gardening system comprised of high quality compost contained in a fine breathable mesh.  GardenSoxx are designed to provide better growing conditions for your plants in a wide range of applications.  Grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs in ways you had never imagined. GardenSoxx have been used to create accent boarders, raised beds, living walls and a variety of other imaginative landscape features on any soil.  Plants grow directly in the GardenSoxx and provide everything plants require.  This allows for gardening in locations you may not have considered before, including decks and patios, paved surfaces, or sites with poor or contaminated soils. Filtrexx Garden Soxx can be used to stabilize banks and solve perennial erosion problems.


Read about Filtrexx Garden Soxx utilized to create a wellness garden in at EJ Prescott in Concord, NH
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